Two-Year-Old Program


Young children are constantly exploring and eager to learn new things, therefore, we have designed our Two-Year-Old Curriculum to provide challenging and enriching experiences for our students to learn and interact with their peers. At Richmond Hill Children’s Center(RHCC) we believe that it is our responsibility to provide our students with a positive initial learning experience in preparation for early success and school readiness. Our classrooms are divided into interest centers and teachers provide a balance of structure and free play activities. Our staff has created an active fun-filled environment where curiosity is evident and new ideas and concepts are presented in a fun and playful manner which encourage

RHCC’s Two-Year- Old Program pays special attention to each child’s social and emotional development with a strong emphasis on building good self-esteem and positive self-awareness. Our curriculum is theme based and promotes socialization, language, physical development, and coordination. Teachers also incorporate letter, number, shape, and color recognition into the themes. The children learn to share and follow simple and reasonable

Richmond Hill Children’s Center provides its students with a well-rounded curriculum including exposure to art, music, singing, dance, free play, dramatic play, and various forms of children’s literature. For many, our Two-Year-Old Program is an introduction to the learning process, so it is important for us to make their first school experience positive and foster a love of learning.