Why Dancing is Beneficial for Preschoolers

The most obvious way one would think dancing was beneficial for children would be to promote physical development, when in fact, dancing promotes development in more ways than you would imagine.  Dance helps to improve a child’s flexibility, coordination and balance. It also increases strength and range of motion. Other benefits of dancing include increased stamina and better muscle tone and posture.  In addition, dance helps to improve a child’s overall cardiovascular health.

Dance can enhance your child’s life in so many ways, but improving their physical health is just one of the many benefits. Some of the benefits of dance include: 

  • Enhancing Cognitive Development
  • Improving Concentration
  • Increasing Body Awareness
  • Improving Spatial Awareness
  • Boosting Self-confidence
  • Promoting Cooperation and Collaboration
  • Improving Problem Solving Skills
  • Encouraging Creativity and Imaginary Play Skills
  • Encouraging Socialization

 Dancing allows a child to remain active while helping them to develop physically, emotionally, cognitively and creatively, but most importantly, dancing is Fun!

The Importance of Reading to Your Preschooler

Reading to your child is one of the easiest ways to increase their school readiness skills. It helps to increase their vocabulary, language, and literacy skills. Reading together can help to improve your child’s concentration and memory skills and pique their curiosity.

Reading together also helps to build strong family relationships. Cuddling up together with a good book sends your child a message, that reading is fun, even for adults. Reading with your child can help him or her to become a good reader, and it is the most important tool you can give them, as it will help them to succeed in school and throughout their life.

Books are a great way to teach children how to handle new experiences and cope with stressful situations. Stories can help children understand, talk about, and deal with so many things, from starting school, moving to a new house, coping with divorce, to the loss of a loved one or pet.

The importance of reading with your child cannot be overstated and most importantly it is the key to a lifetime of learning. Reading with your child helps them to develop a love of books and builds important language skills. It also allows you to spend some quality time with your child, which is something we don’t often find the time to do with our busy schedules.