Four-Year- Old/Free Pre-K for All Program

Richmond Hill Children’s Center has been an NYC Department of Education (DOE) approved Free Pre-K for All provider since 2008. Our curriculum is designed to align with the NYS Prekindergarten Foundation for the Common Core Learning Standards. The curriculum focuses on the five domains of development, including: approaches to learning; physical development and health; social and emotional development; communication, language, and literacy; and cognition and knowledge of the world.

Teachers promote development by taking into account that each child is unique and may develop at different rates. Our goal is to produce a well-rounded child, stressing independence, individuality, and high self-esteem. Units of study are devised to ensure that each child's readiness tools are stimulated and they are exposed to the skills necessary to succeed academically.

Preschoolers are active learners who learn by exploring and experimenting with their environment. Learning takes place as children explore their environment through their senses, discovery and curiosity. Classrooms are child-friendly and include a combination of class lessons, large and small group activities, and free play activities.

Children are constantly searching for cause and effect relationships and need to touch and manipulate things on their own before they can develop more abstract concepts. Therefore classrooms are divided into "interest centers", with everything clearly labeled. These centers are designed to foster physical development, improve coordination, allow for social interaction, stimulate the thought process, provide opportunity for choices, enhance reasoning skills and promote cognitive development. Each center provides the children with a wide range of opportunities and materials to arouse their interest, pique their curiosity, test their skills and promote individuality and independence.